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What is space architecture?

The short answer is that space architecture is systems engineering with human factors in mind. A shift from terrestrial design architecture to a much more challenging environment.

Space saving design ideas

In space, where available space is limited for economic and technological reasons we need to get creative. Luckily, we don't need to invent the wheel again, just think out of the box.

Space for All - including parastronauts

We believe in inclusion, teamwork and that we can get further together. It will be years before parastronauts can be launched into space to live and work but the work to enable it should start now.

Types of radiation in space

There are different types of space radiation that need to be considered when designing a spacecraft, a crewed space station and/or a space habitat. Location matters in space too.

What could we learn from deep space exploration?

The question of why anyone would spend time and money on space exploration comes up regularly. Technological space innovations blend into our life seamlessly and easy to forget where they came from.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork- The Power of Collaboration

Achieving anything in space is a complex undertaking, highlighting the importance of collaboration among engineers, scientists, architects, psychologists, and experienced astronauts.

Ethical and Cultural Considerations in Space Architecture

We must not only consider the technical and scientific aspects but also navigate the complex terrain of ethical and cultural considerations and leave a legacy that inspires future generations to explore the universe with compassion, respect, and a deep appreciation for our shared cultural heritage.

The Integration of VR and AR in Space Design

VR and AR have opened a new chapter in our quest to design optimal space habitats, and their applications extend far beyond the design phase. Imagination evokes innovations and helps identify areas that need to be researched.

Alternative Uses Of Fungi

The network called mycelium transfers enzymes, nutrition, water, and can even conduct waves of electricity and has many functions. There are many ways we already use fungi and there are many more innovative ways to better our life on and off the planet.